Frank Thomas Voyager Boots

I ordered my Frank Thomas boots off eBay from the UK. For some reason they were shipped in individual bags, and as such I received one boot before my Fall 2006 Cabot Trail Run and one boot after, which is truely unfortunate as it rained for most of the 10 hours of riding the Sunday we came home.

Update: In the 2007 Cabot Trail Motorcycle Tour we again encountered a little rain, well actually a lot of rain.

Halifax Metro and Halifax County West continued

This is a warning that significant rainfall is expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

A low pressure system is forecast to pass south of Nova Scotia tonight. Rain at times heavy ahead of this system is expected during this afternoon and tonight. The greatest amounts are expected along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia Halifax and east where total rainfall amounts of near 65 millimetres are expected. Showers in its wake over eastern regions will persist through part of Saturday.

We really did ride through some CRAZY weather to get to our first stopping point in Sherbooke Nova Scotia. The good news about that part of the ride was that everyone was safe, and that my boots kept my feet perfectly dry. By far these boots were my best waterproof gear. They were breathable so my feet weren’t drenched with sweat but they didn’t let any of the huge amounts of rain get to my feet. I’m very impressed with these boots and they make me want to go all GORE-TEX with my equipment rather than with a cheap plastic rain suite. End Update

Below is a commercial review done on the boots. When I get some more time in the boots I will post my observations on this page.

Frank Thomas did a vanishing act in the American market in the ’80s but now the English-designed-and-produced boots are back thanks to a new importer, Cycle Gear. The high-end Gore-Tex boot, the priciest one here, features a molded antislip, anticrush sole, reflective inserts, stretch panels at the front and back of the ankle for flexibility, and protective inserts for the shin and ankle areas. A steel shank running from the heel to the middle of the foot provides rigidity, which the company claims could enhance protection in a crash.

This 11.5-inch-high sport-touring style motorcycle boot is one of a few entries that begs to be put on. The leather appears supple enough to require minimal break-in time, and the interior is nicely cushioned. A zippered entry offers easy access and is securely covered by a hook-and-loop overflap. There was no discernible leakage after the 20-minute hosing, although shortly afterward the boot felt damp inside. The leather soaked up a lot of water during the spraying — more than most of the other boots tested — and after a brief time the Gore-Tex allowed some of the vapor into the interior.

In the tub, the Frank Thomas Voyager boots took more time to dampen. They felt completely dry after 20 minutes and there was only a hint of dampness after a full hour. Again, this was an effect of the Gore-Tex lining diligently doing its job, only in reverse. After 12 hours of submersion, the Frank Thomas boots felt no more damp than they had at one hour, even though the leather upper had swallowed almost two pounds of water. It took over a day to fully dry. We believe this particular Gore-Tex entry was defeated more quickly as a result of less repellency, something you could easily doctor at home (although you shouldn’t have to, considering the boots’ lofty price).

Voyagers are available in American sizes 5 to 12 (the lower sizes are intended for women).

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