2015-09-18 Cabot Trail (1422km)

It was another busy summer this year, with three boys to keep busy and an ongoing garage research and build project.

In what is now typical fashion, I only put the motorcycle on the road a few weeks before this trip. We decided to head back to do the traditional three day Cabot Trail run after mixing things up the year before and touring through New Brunswick.

We also made a point to stop in at the CH149 914 memorial in Canso to pay our respects. The memorial is placed by the water with a view port on the top that directs your eye to the site of the crash that took three crew members lives.

I didn’t take as many pictures on this trip as on last. Having done the same route a number of times there is less desire to get a great photo and more time focusing on having fun. I did take some video that I will try to put together into a small piece and attach here at a later date.