My Carputer Setup

A few details on the Carputer installed in my Cadillac STS

Operating System: Windows XP Professional (TinyXP Version)
Front End: Road Runner (forum
Hard-Drive(s): 40GB (IDE) and 80GB (USB), both 2.5″
Mother Board: VIA EPIA M 10000
GPS: Holux USB GPS ‘puck’.
GPS Software: iGuidance 3.0 NA
Monitor: Lilliput 809GL-80NP/C/T

Custom Mods: The TinyXP installation of Windows is a highly stripped version of XP. On top of this strippted down version of XP the system is also using Minlogin which is a replacement for the winlogin.exe file that speeds the boot process.


Everything started with wiring a GPS to a PDA using a null modem:

Here you can see the GPS unit wired down into an extra cradle for the Casio PDA

This is the car, it is a Cadillac STS

Interior shot as the car was when I purchased it

EPIA Mini-ITX mother board/processor was the next step

Fabricated a case out of MDF

Since I already had a small daylight visible LCD screen I put that in the Double DIN space. This was a non-touch screen setup.

In order to free up the double DIN I relocated the Pioneer deck into the arm rest and put a remote at the front of teh arm rest (you can see the 8 button remote in the front of the armrest)

Armrest up, showing the deck contained within.

At this point I have purchased a Lilliput 8″ touch screen and am using epoxy to mold the case of the screen (with the screen removed) to the shape of the opening in the dash. This resulted in a very nicely fitting 8″ touch screen, that I don’t have a photo of.

Here is the new screen mounted in the dash.

This photo shows the 2003 Cadillac leather wheel that I custom fit to the car, and the modified the buttons to connect to a wireless game controller that was connected to the Carputer.

3 thoughts on “My Carputer Setup

  1. Ravage

    I was just wondering if you had any pics of the carputer setup. I am looking at undertaking the project soon and trying to get my research done. Also I was wondering if you actually bought iGuidance or could point me in the right direction to grab it. :) By the way, how do you like the Lilliput?

  2. jadz

    Most of the torrent sites have iGuidance. I like the lilliput very much. There are more photos of the setup in various posts on this site.


    “First and foremost, “WOW”!!! I had no idea from your cardomain profile page that you were that electronically and mechanically inclind Joe, I don’t think an installation shop could have done any better!!

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