Mirror Extenders (ZR-7S)

The ZR-7S, like many bikes, offers a great view of your elbows in the rear view mirrors. Some after market manufacturers are trying to address this by making mirror extenders. The goal of the mirror extenders is to move your mirrors out just far enough that they get past your elbows. The small plates make a huge difference in the usibility of the mirrors. After they installed you don’t have to bend your arm down to get an idea of what is behind you. With the mirror extenders installed both mirrors offer a full view directly behind the bike.

The original Mirror Mounts (left side)

As you can see from the above photo, the ZR-7S’ mirrors attach on to the front fairing with two bolts. In the next photo you will see how the mirror extenders accomplish their task.

The Mirror Mounts with the Mirror Extenders (right side)

The mirror extenders come with all the hardware required, to powder coated aluminum plates, two rubber gaskets and four mounting bolts (pictured below).

Mounting Hardware

The photo below shows both mirror extenders installed, with the rubber boots of the mirrors rolled up, and then rolled down.



The photo below shows the results of the mirror extenders. As you can see from the photo (taken directly behind the bike) you can see the rider’s face/head from both mirrors.


3 thoughts on “Mirror Extenders (ZR-7S)

  1. Wayne O'Rourke

    Hey bud!
    I’ve also got a ZR-7s (2002). Where did you get the mirror extenders from? was it online?

    I dropped my bike the other week and snapped the right wing mirror! I;m well pissed off! I don’t suppose you know of any places to source new mirrors from … I’ve tried a cople of websites but they don;t seem to stock the same mirrors as the kaw come with… any help would be greatly appreciated


  2. jadz

    I actually purchased them used off of a fellow ZR-7S rider from http://riderforums.com (which is I believe the biggest forum for ZR-7 riders).

    They even have a forum specifically for buying and selling here. I think your best bet is to see if anyone is parting out their bike or has a mirror on the riderforums, and then keep checking eBay (if you don’t feel like just ordering the part from Kawasaki).

  3. Murray

    http://www.wemoto.com sells replacement mirrors for the ZR-7S. Check it out.

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