Tank Bra (ZR-7S)

The tank bra pictured in the photos below is from Targa.

The purpose of the tank bra is to protect the paint finish of the tank from belts, zippers and anything else that might scratch the paint while rubbing up against the tank. Interestingly, they can cause more harm than good if you do not keep the surfaces of the tank and the surfaces of the bra clean.



2 thoughts on “Tank Bra (ZR-7S)

  1. DaveM

    Hope your Bra doesn’t get tazed. I’ve worn many an electirc bra in my time but that was a whole different deal. Mighty Boosh rules. Dave

  2. Murray

    I was wondering about this tank bra. I just bought a Zr-7s and was thinking of putting a bra on it.

    Are they a good investment?

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