Christmas Lights

This is our house, which is being lit by some LED lights I purchased off eBay.

One annoying thing about the LED lights I purchased is that they by default switch into the rapid colour changing mode when you turn them on, which is a shame because I have my outdoor sockets on inside light switches, but I still need to go outside to get the lights configured the way I want them.

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Point Pleasant Park Panoramas

A selection of Point Pleasant Park Panoramas taken with my Nikon AW100’s guided panorama mode which makes it dead easy to take these shots. The quality isn’t as good as taking individual photos and stitching them together, but there is a great deal of satisfaction in having it already done for you on the camera.

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The Great Nose

Also known as The Great Alarm Clock and Gabriel’s Meal Cleanup Team Lead.

In Oliver’s Eyes

A shot taken with my new Nikon AW100 of Oliver while he was in Brittany’s arms. When I went to Henry’s to check out their waterproof camera’s the sales person actually showed me that the AW100 can take a picture of a photo laying flat on a piece of paper if the paper is backlit as it would be on their glass display cabinet.

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Deck Lighting with LED Rope Lights

I thought I would write this post because I am somewhat proud of how my new side entrance deck lighting has turned out.

I had originally purchased LED rope lights at 50% off from Canadian tire because I had wanted to run it along our inside stairs to provide a very low cost stair lighting. This has been done in a lot of industrial settings and is now being done by many DIYers. That project will be in another post once my the new LEDs I ordered arrive.

What I ended up doing with the outdoor LED rope lights is wrap them on the underside of my upper railing of my side deck as pictured in the gallery below. This was facilitated by using of Princess Auto Power Fist Saddle-Type Cable Tie Mount and some stainless steel screws. Putting the LED rope lights near the top of the railing actually provides much more light on the deck surface and on the stairs, and is also more hidden from view than mounting on the bottom railing.

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