Beach Walks

Today and Yesterday were lovely lazy days. We spent time walking on the beach and also swimming in the pool. We visited the Backyard Bar, where we had $1.75 USD local beers and a huge plate of chips and vegs (sort of nacho’s with more vegetables) which was $8.00.

We have found that things at the grocery store are randomly priced. Most American brands being expensive (such as Reynolds plastic wrap, which was $10 USD) and local things being reasonably priced ($1 USD for a baguette).

Gabriel has really started to enjoy playing and interacting with some of the more tame wildlife such as Hermit Crabs and some two foot lizards that live near the pool. We haven’t yet ventured out to see the more exotic wild life that is around us.

Ward and Joe got a ride into Jaco with Alexandra and Alex and went to the hardware store, the grocery store and the bank.

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