Costa Rica 2012

Preparing to Fly to Costa Rica

Joe Adams 

Next week, the first of 2012, six of us will be flying to Costa Rica for two months of child rearing, relaxation, exploration and hopefully a heaping pile of memories. The past few weeks have been very busy, with a visit from John and Deborah from Ontario during the Christmas break. A lot of late nights at work trying to get things done that I thought I would help, though I probably should have taken it a bit easier as your inbox is never empty.

Ward and Hetty are ready to travel light. Brittany and I a little less so, always adding more kids ‘gear’ that we think we need to bring. The large items are the stroller, the hiking backpack and a large amount of toiletries. To get to the airport we’re going to all get in the Sequoia, and then pull the trailer with our luggage!

This post has a sales video highlighting the location we will be based out of as well as some maps of our flight to Costa Rica.

Our Flights will be as follows:

Our Accomodations:

Our Location:

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