Creating a Chariot Infant Sling

I purchased a Chariot Cavalier from Kijiji some time ago, while I was on a jogging kick (something I hope to revive in the warm weather and ample spare time of Costa Rica). Leading up to our trip it has been a struggle to figure out what to bring. With the Chariot being a two child aluminum stroller with large wheels, it made a lot of sense to bring it. The one problem was that it isn’t really configured for an infant. The newer Chariots (the ones that are not strictly jogging strollers but a trailer that can be used in a variety of configurations) have accessory infant slings, but they do not make one for the Cavalier, so we built one.

With some webbing from MEC and some fabric that Dad bought, we made two supports and then stretched the fabric between the two supports. With cutouts for the shoulder straps everything came together nicely. During the trial fitting it didn’t offer as much protection (from Gabriel’s arms and legs) as I had hoped, but perhaps with some distracting scenery, or during a sleepy afternoon nap it will work out.