Arduino Powered igus DryLin Camera Slider

I enjoy the technology of photography as much as I enjoy the process and the results. I think this actually limits the quality of my photography because I don’t have as many brain cycles for thinking about the image.

This post shows some of the details of another example of this. Camera sliders are becoming very popular and much more common for hobbyist photographers like myself. There are lots of different sliders designs and products available online and at your local photography store. Some are as simple as a few pieces of pipe from the hardware store, others can be considerably more complex and made of carbon fiber or integrate other features.

I’m taking a not uncommon approach of making a home brew setup with some decent, but readily available parts:

The igus DryLin slider by itself will do very good stable slides. I purchased the model that does not have any threaded holes, so one of the first steps was to drill and thread some 1/4″-20 holes into each end and in the middle to attach a tripod as required, and also in the ends of each rail so I could attach brackets and also prevent the dolly from sliding off the end.

The Arduino will control the stepper motor, and also trigger the camera in order to be able to have sliding time lapse shots. It could also theoretically perform an power slide, but I don’t think that is actually of all that much use when doing it by hand yields good results without the complication of the electronics.

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