Almost Photographed the Northern Lights

Joe Adams 

There were some amazing photos taken of the northern lights which were visible in Nova Scotia, these are not two of them (you can see some at this link though).

It is unusual that the the norther lights were visible, a result of two solar storms. Though I saw them in the distance from the car, by the time I got my camera set up the moon had come out and they were no longer visible.


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Joe Adams 

5 thoughts on “Almost Photographed the Northern Lights

  1. John van Gurp on Facebook

    Really great photos!

  2. Adam Cornick on Facebook

    They came out great Joe!

  3. Mike Stead on Facebook

    Nice shots Joe! What is lighting the rocks on the right? Very cool!

  4. Joe Adams on Facebook

    Mike, that was a remote flash. I was using two remote flashes and some flashlights for fill.

  5. Mike Stead on Facebook

    Nice grate job!

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