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A Nova Scotian Dairy Farm Visit

May 15, 2012
Joe Adams
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Yesterday we spent a lovely day touring a Nova Scotian dairy farm. We were given a tour of the various barns, buildings and processing rooms. We also helped out in the afternoon milking of the cows and got to see some of the calves on the farm as well as other animals. Gabriel loved it […]

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Easter Weekend

April 9, 2012
Joe Adams
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Just a few photos from the Easter weekend in the valley. I think this was the first holiday/event that Gabriel was really clued in for. Throughout the weekend we would have him find an egg or a chocolate. He was really enjoying himself.

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Sugar Moon Maple Syrup Farm and Pancake House

March 11, 2012
Joe Adams

Today seven of us headed out to the Sugar Moon Maple Syrup Farm and Pancake house. The farm has 2500 taps on about 35 acres, and lots of people who want to eat pancakes. Something that I had never seen before, but makes a lot of sense, the farm collects sap with a “gravity-fed pipeline […]